Since 2019 the FRB-CESAB offers courses for the research community.


Reproducible Research in Computational Ecology

Since 2019  •  Co-organised with the GdR EcoStat
A five-day training course on reproducibility, software development and version management tools (Research compendium, Git, GitHub, R Markdown, Quarto, renv, Docker).

Theory-Driven Analysis of Ecological Data

Since 2022  •  Co-organised with the GdR TheoMoDive
A five-day training course on mathematical modelling (differential equations, Lotka Volterra, Jacobian matrices), and the statistical links between models and data.

Systematic Reviews & Meta-Analyses

Since 2022  •  Co-organised with the UMS PatriNat
A five-day training course on methods and techniques of meta-analyses and systematic reviews/maps applied to the field of biodiversity.

Coming soon

Networks Analysis

Planned in 2024

Artificial Intelligence & Biodiversity

Planned in 2024


Functional Rarity and Diversity in Ecology

2022  •  Co-organised with the CESAB working group FREE
A four-hour training course on functional rarity and diversity in ecology using the R packages mFD and funrar.