This document outlines how to propose a change to rcompendium.

Code of Conduct

Please note that the rcompendium project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project you agree to abide by its terms.

Reporting Bugs

You’ve found a bug in the code. Please follow these two recommendations:

  • Visit the Issues page and check that no one else has encountered the same bug. If you’re the first,
  • Open an new issue and illustrate the bug with a minimal reprex. Do not forget to provide R session information (you can run: devtools::session_info()) so the maintainer can troubleshoot.

Contributing to the code

Please feel free to contribute to rcompendium by fixing typos, solving bugs, or adding new features. Here is an overview of the contributing workflow:

  • Fork the project and Clone onto your computer. You can use:
    usethis::create_from_github("frbcesab/rcompendium", fork = TRUE).
  • Install all dependencies with remotes::install_deps().
  • Make sure the package passes R CMD check by running devtools::check().
  • Keep your copy up-to-date with the upstream (i.e. frbcesab/rcompendium).
    • Add the upstream remote with: gert::git_remote_add(url = "", name = "upstream").
    • Pull changes in from upstream by running gert::git_pull(remote = "upstream").
  • Create a new Git branch for your future Pull request (PR) with usethis::pr_init("be-explicit").
  • Make your changes, document your code (roxygen2), and add units tests (testthat).
  • Do not forget to update documentation (devtools::document()) and to check (devtools::check()) and test (devtools::test()) the package.
  • Commit changes.
  • Create a PR by running usethis::pr_push(), and following the prompts in your browser. The title of your PR should briefly describe the change. The body of your PR should contain more details.
  • Discuss your code with the maintainer in the PR thread.
  • If everything looks good, the maintainer will merge your code into the project.


  • Make sure code, documentation, and comments are no more than 80 characters in width;
  • Format your code according to the Tidyverse Style Guide.
  • And use the snake_case syntax!

Thanks for contributing!