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rcompendium 1.3.9000 (development version)

rcompendium 1.3

CRAN release: 2023-10-26

  • Bug fixes

    • get_deps_*() better detects project dependencies and does not delete packages called w/ library("pkg") or library('pkg')
    • add_sticker() now copies the sticker template for compendium
  • Minor changes

    • Provide instructions for installing V8 engine on Unix systems

rcompendium 1.2

CRAN release: 2023-10-24

  • New features

  • Improvements

    • get_deps_*() better detects project dependencies
    • add_compendium() allows now the user to choose its own compendium structure
  • Minor changes

    • Update GitHub Actions templates (yaml files)
    • Update README templates
    • The man/ folder and NAMESPACE are now untracked by git (for compendium only)
    • Remove dependencies badge in README
    • Change default values of lifecycle and status arguments in new_package()
    • Change commit messages in new_*() functions (conventional commits)
  • Deprecated

    • refresh() is now deprecated and will be deleted in the new version

rcompendium 1.1

CRAN release: 2023-04-24

  • Update GitHub Actions templates (yaml files)
  • Detect current git branch name in add_readme_rmd()
  • Ignore renv files (R build and GitHub) in add_renv()

rcompendium 1.0

CRAN release: 2022-04-06

  • New feature: add_dockerfile() creates a basic Dockerfile in compendium (new argument dokerfile in new_compendium()) based on rocker/rstudio.
  • New feature: add_renv() initialize renv environment in compendium (new argument renv in new_compendium())
  • New feature: add_github_actions_render() will automatically render the on GitHub server after each push. This action is triggered only if the README.Rmd has been modified since the last commit. Also add new argument gh_render in new_*() functions.
  • New vignette: developing an R package
  • New vignette: working with a compendium
  • Function add_dependencies() allows now missing R/ folder and improves the detection of dependencies in vignettes.
  • Function add_lifecycle_badge() does not copy badge SVG in the project anymore. The image badge is now created using
  • Update GHA templates. They are now derived from:
  • Rename default vignette title (title is now Get Started)
  • Add cph (copyright holder) tag in DESCRIPTION file
  • Change default package hexSticker and add R script in inst/package-sticker/ to easily change the hexSticker
  • Rename commits messages (and remove emoji)
  • For compendium: arguments gh_check and website are now FALSE by default
  • For compendium: rename rscripts/ folder to analyses/
  • For compendium: delete paper/ folder
  • Review and improve documentation
  • Rename templates file names
  • Fix bug: detection of nested RStudio projects

rcompendium 0.5.1

CRAN release: 2021-03-24

After first submission to CRAN:

  • DESCRIPTION file: replace “The aim of the package ‘rcompendium’ is to make easier…” by “Makes easier…”
  • Function set_credentials() does not write the .Rprofile file anymore (not allowed by CRAN policies). Instead this function opens this file and users need to manually paste the content of the clipboard.
  • Replace utils::installed.packages() by find.package()

rcompendium 0.5

  • Check for valid package name
  • Add new features: new_compendium() and add_compendium()
  • Allow adding to .gitignore and .Rbuildignore several names
  • Improve console messages
  • Modify templates

rcompendium 0.4.1

  • Improve documentation

rcompendium 0.4

rcompendium 0.3

  • Improve dependencies detection in @examples sections
  • Keep packages versions in DESCRIPTION fields
  • Retrieve GitHub pseudo with gh::gh_whoami() (no more github argument)

rcompendium 0.2

  • Rename import argument into compendium
  • Automatically check dependencies in vignettes/ (remove argument suggest)
  • Detect dependencies in tests/
  • Add new internal function path_proj()
  • Use usethis::proj_get() instead of here::here()
  • Rename add_github_badge() in add_github_actions_check_badge()
  • Add new function add_github_actions_pkgdown_badge()
  • Badge functions return now Markdown badges (if assigned to a variable)
  • Badges are added at the end of the process (adding a additional commit)
  • Change default license in new_package()
  • Improve inputs checks
  • Change files templates (GH Actions names)

rcompendium 0.1

  • First release of the package.