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This function adds or updates the Life Cycle badge to the README.Rmd. It is based on the standard defined at

Make sure that 1) a README.Rmd file exists at the project root and 2) it contains a block starting with the line <!-- badges: start --> and ending with the line <!-- badges: end -->.

Don't forget to re-render the


add_lifecycle_badge(lifecycle = "experimental", quiet = FALSE)



A character of length 1. Accepted stages are: 'experimental' (default), 'stable', 'deprecated', or 'superseded'.


A logical value. If TRUE messages are deleted. Default is FALSE.


A badge as a markdown expression.


The project can have the following life cycle stage:

  • Experimental - An experimental project is made available so user can try it out and provide feedback, but come with no promises for long term stability.

  • Stable - A project is considered stable when the author is happy with its interface, does not see major issues, and is happy to share it with the world.

  • Superseded - A superseded project has a known better alternative, and it is not going away. Superseded project will not receive new features, but will receive any critical bug fixes needed to keep it working.

  • Deprecated - A deprecated project has a better alternative available and is scheduled for removal.


if (FALSE) {
add_lifecycle_badge(lifecycle = "stable")