This function gets all the external packages that the project needs. It is used the generate the Dependencies badge (add_dependencies_badge()).

get_all_dependencies(pkg = NULL)



A character of length 1. The name of a CRAN package or NULL (default). If NULL get dependencies of the local (uninstalled) project (package or compendium).


A list of three vectors:

  • base_deps, a vector of base packages;

  • direct_deps, a vector of direct packages;

  • all_deps, a vector of all dependencies (recursively obtained).

See also

Other utilities functions: get_all_functions(), get_licenses(), get_minimal_r_version()


if (FALSE) {
## Update dependencies ----

## Get all dependencies ----
deps <- get_all_dependencies()
unlist(lapply(deps, length))

## Can be used for a CRAN package ----
deps <- get_all_dependencies("usethis")
unlist(lapply(deps, length))