A blog listing tips and tricks shared during the FRB-CESAB Geek meetings about R, RStudio, git, GitHub, OS, Website, etc.

 Author: Nicolas Casajus
 Source: https://github.com/frbcesab/tips-and-tricks/
 Tutorial: https://frbcesab.github.io/tips-and-tricks/

A tutorial on how to setup a working environment for scientific computing with R, git, GitHub and Docker on the main operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu).

 Author: Nicolas Casajus
 Source: https://github.com/frbcesab/rsetup/
 Tutorial: https://frbcesab.github.io/rsetup/

A Quarto presentation introducing the best practices to conduct reproducible research with R.

 Author: Nicolas Casajus
 Source: https://github.com/frbcesab/good-practices/
 Tutorial: https://frbcesab.github.io/good-practices/

A Quarto book on how to use the FRB-CESAB computing server (Rossinante), including RStudio Server, Conda, Jupyter Notebook, Docker, and Parallel Computing.

 Author: Nicolas Casajus
 Source: https://github.com/frbcesab/rossinante/
 Tutorial: https://frbcesab.github.io/rossinante/